We are designated a Medical Home for Wyoming

What we focus on providing at Laramie Pediatrics

Wellness visits
We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for well visits and provide complete wellness exams. They include a review of growth parameters, nutritional assessment, developmental assessment and a complete physical examination. All recommended vaccines are available through our office.
Sports Physicals
Asthma/ Allergies
Developmental problems
Behavioral problems
We do developmental assessments with every well visit. Children with developmental problems can be challenging, and we help families do early interventions.
Dr Kleppinger has fellowship training in the care of asthmatics. We do office pulmonary function testing to closely manage our asthmatics.
Dr Kleppinger worked with UW Athletics for a decade providing primary care for Division I athletes. We can care for school age athletes like no other office.

We do complete sports participation exams as well as treatment for injured athletes. We specialize with concussion injuries.
We help evaluate a wide range of behavior issues from newborn problems to adolescents. Our goal is to help parents understand their children's problems and be and active part in change.
Dr. Kleppinger studied with Melvin Levine, a World Renown leader in the evaluation of children with ADD and ADHD. We treat all the variations of the disorder, but only selected patients require medical management